An emergency contact list is one of those things you keep ready and updated “just in case”, while hoping you don’t get to use. 

It is basically a list of contact you keep ready for any form of emergency. Especially, medical emergencies. 

Many a times, people tend to overlook the importance of updating  an emergency contact list. Other times, people simply ignore the fact that a situation might arise that would demand other people making decisions over their lives. 

  • In an emergency situation, even the smartest of people may not remember critical phone numbers.

The emergency contact saves the day, at this point. And the beautiful thing about keeping one, is that, anyone can access it, even when the phone is locked. 

Importance of an emergency contact list. 

In a case of medical emergencies, either from the office or every other place, and in a situation where the victim is unable to communicate effectively, the medical personnel in charge may have to contact a family member, and this is where an emergency contact comes in play. 

Emergencies are not relegated to only medical situations, in a situations where you will have to alert security officers or in a case of a fire outbreak, the emergency dial does the magic.

What should be on an emergency contact list.

  1. An emergency contact list should include anyone who you need to  contact, in case of an emergency.  This list shouldn’t be limited to just family members. You can also add contact information of your home, family’s work place and even a trusted colleague, to your emergency contact list.

Role of your emergency contact.

The person on your emergency contact has a very big role to play, and may be responsible to make a life and death decision on your behalf.

This is why before putting up a contact as an emergency contact, you have to make some considerations if this person:

* is able to handle emergencies

* knows your medical history

* will be available when called

* understands you and ready to act on your medical wishes.

An ideal emergency contact is able to efficiently communicate with medical professionals, in case of a medical emergency, about medical histories,  allergies and other health related conditions of a victim.

Updating a list is not wishing and hoping for a fatal emergency situation. It is simply being ready for any fatal emergency, while hoping and praying not to be in a situation where you would need to use your emergency list.

How to add a contact to the emergency list on your device. 

For Android users. 

Go to the settings, go to “user & account”, you’ll see the option “Emergency information”. You can edit however you choose.

Another option is to add the emergency contact directly to the lock screen. 

Open settings.

Tap “security and location”,

Click on the option “screen lock”. It takes you to “screen lock message”.

Here you can add whatever contact you want, and it will show on your screen, whenever your phone is locked. 

For iPhone users. 

Open the health app on your phone. 

Select the “Medical ID” tab, then edit. Make sure you enable the “show when locked” option. 

Fill the necessary fields, after that, tap the “add emergency contact” to create a new contact. 


Quick ways to access the emergency contact. 

Image showing quick ways to access the emergency contact list.

Quick way to access the emergency contact list, for iPhone users.

Quick way to access the emergency contact for Android users.