Cloud-based Parking Infrastructure Built for Cities, Parking Authorities & Parking Providers.

Manage and Monitor On-street & Off-street parking easily.

Features includes

A Platform built for the Global Parking Industry

Our approach basically reduces time spent on mundane tasks, helps cities and parking providers make more money, and also reduce expenses.

Cashless Transactions

With our In-App payment feature, you can accept cashless transactions easily.

Remote Access to Data

Access parking and transaction data anywhere and anytime ensuring you have peace of mind.

Actionable Analysis

Analytics are empty without insights, Parchive Merchant also helps with data-driven actions.

Instant Withdrawal

Withdrawing from your Parchive In-App wallet happens faster than you can imagine.

Transaction Reporting

Financial statements are important to your business, that’s why we included a tool for reports.

Team Management

A platform is not complete without Team management, manage team members easily.

Total Time Saved (Minutes)


CO2 Emission Avoided (Kg)


Total Fuel Saved (Litres)

Digital parking records

You can make informed decisions using past parking records. These records are accessible via the Parchive Merchant platform available on both the Web and Mobile. Get these data anywhere and anytime.

Accept parking reservations

Parking reservations have never been this easy

Parking Operators and Merchants get notified immediately a parking reservation is made. This ensures they can plan ahead for the customer.

Cash and digital payments

Parking payment made seamless and easy

While we try to encourage digital transactions, we understand that adoption might be tricky. With this knowledge, the Parchive Platform integrates both cash and cashless payment for maximum customer satisfaction.

Analytics from parking data

Make informed decisions

With the help of Parchive Analytics, your operators and administrators can quickly apply learnings and provide actionable insights.

App for your Customers

Available on iOS, Android, and on the Web

Your customers can make a parking reservation, pay for parking using their phones, and also view their parking history all from the Parchive app.

Here’s what people are saying about Parchive.
Parchive is the smart way to park now. Gone are the days when I’d have to rummage through my bag looking for a change, or having to wait while the attendant looks for change to give me. Now I just pay into Parchive wallet in advance, scan QR code, and off I go. ?? Beauty Ipaye

Customer, Lagos, Nigeria

Parchive has been good to me by providing adequate information for locating parking facilities around. It also provides a convenient way of payment, good support, and dedicated staff. Wilson ikumariegbe

Customer, Lagos, Nigeria

Customers are always requesting for Parchive. We have been using Parchive to accept payments from some of our customers since October 2020. Withdrawal of funds is also instant and fast. Kate Elimuya

Merchant, Lagos, Nigeria

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