Finding a parking space being one of the major challenges car owners in Lagos face, one would think the busy city has everything but parking spaces for car owners.
This is definitely not the case as many institutions now have provisions for commercial parking facilities, which a car owner could easily find by using the Parchive

These car parks differ in designs and styles but they provide one thing to their customers, parking space for their cars. 

Here are different kinds of car parks you’ll most definitely find in Lagos. 

Multi-story Car Parks:

This is a building with a number of floors designed for automobile parking.
The earliest known multi-story car park was built in May 1901, by the suburban electric carriage company, in London, with spaces for 100 vehicles over 7 floors.
A typical multi Storey car park in Lagos is The Campbell Centre, Lagos Island.

It is one of the largest car park facilities in Nigeria, with a capacity of 450+, to accommodate cars on 5 floors. It is an indoor, stacked car park.

With Parchive, which provides services for car owners to find safe car parks, it is easy to navigate your way to one of the multi Storey car parks in the city.

Underground Car parks:

Closed or underground car parks are usually located under a building. Underground car parks have several levels supported by pillars.

Research shows that the world’s first underground parking lot was a 250  car parking garage in the Alden Towers Manor, in 1927.

Movement from one floor to another is made easy for drivers with the use of a ramp.

Single level Car park:

A single-level car park is located on the surface and has only one floor.  It is easy to access as there are no poles.

Single-level car parks are common in Lagos, one would easily find these parks in malls or other busy parts of the city.

Access to these car parks is usually faster and maneuvering out of the park is easy too.
One good example of a single-level car park is the First Mega Century car park in Ikoyi.

The car park has a well-structured facility with a capacity of 100+, as well as a car washing service.

The facility which runs from Monday through Saturday with a parking fee as low as N500 is one of the most secured spots for car parking.

Automated Car parking system:

This is a mechanical parking system that moves Cars from entry to available spaces.

It is entirely mechanical and does not require much human maneuvering. It uses multiple levels and cars are parked vertically, and as a result, fewer land spaces are used to park as many cars as possible.

The Campbell Centre runs a multi-level, with an automated entry and exit system.

To easily make car park reservations in Lagos, this YouTube video shows how to make reservations with Parchive.

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